Our production room where packing, ironing and finishing processes are done.

Our Embroidery Services

The fabric is carefully laid out on the frame before each operation begins.

After each set, all embroidered pieces are trimmed and cleaned, being primed for the next stage of the process.

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Finishing Area

This is where all the garments are cleaned, trimmed and inspected before being pressed and ironed.

Our sewers hard at work in clean, well lighted and air-conditioned facilities.

Monitoring and Inspection

Our Production Supervisor, Eduardo hard at work monitoring and checking all the garments that have been completed by our teams.

Bright and airy, this is our Admin Office.

COVID-19 Response

Since May, we have implemented strict guidelines and protocols that have yielded zero Covid transmissions within our facilities so far. This includes daily contact tracing, mandatory health checks, temperature checks, and hygiene stations around the building.

We have a Covid and Emergency operations manual that outlines prevention, mitigation and response should a suspected case arise. Included in this are our own carpool, work break scheduling, and daily use of PPE’s.

Download self-measurement materials

As an added option for those of you who would like to do your own measurements, here is an instructional video to help you along. Kindly download the Measurement form and take your measurements using the video as your guide.

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Our Facilities

Our main office is located less than five minutes away from Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. It’s a multi storey building that has an entire floor dedicated to our own exclusive collection of textiles. We also have two 12-head embroidery machines, a 4-head embroidery machine, a prototyping and sample room, a large warehouse, and cutting, sewing and production areas within the building. We have a satellite office located just 15 minutes from our main office that has the same production capabilities and staff dormitories.

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