Q1. What makes Peridou different from other uniform manufacturers?

Answer. We are the only vertically integrated corporate apparel company that has our own collection of readily available, high performance textiles, 3 industrial embroidery machines, and a team of veteran consultants to take care of our clients from start of finish. Our facilities in QC is constantly rated at the top amongst ocular inspectors.

Q2. How do we order from you during this crisis?

Answer: First, make an appointment with one of our consultants. We will endeavor to create your corporate uniforms that will suit your brand and office requirements. But before you call us, please be ready to provide the number of people, the number of complete sets per person (top and bottom), and your budget. We will design and offer fabrics that will suit your price point. We also have options for you if you don’t want in-person measurements, such as ordering from our Size Charts, or watching our measurement-taking video then send your measurement forms via email. If you are a previous client, you may consider using your previous years’ measurements.

Q3. What is your lead time?

Answer: We start counting after we have ALL of the following prerequisites: your down payment, all the measurements from your employees, and the approved prototypes. Usually, our lead time is between 60-120 working days, depending on quantity and season (peak or non-peak) excluding fabric milling lead time if you choose your own exclusive fabrics from us.

Q4. What other products and services do you have?

Answer: We sell Cut Goods and Embroidery services. Cut Goods come in individual packs with pre-cut fabrics, trims, buttons, and embroidered barongs with design instructions and sketches for your preferred tailor or “mananahe”. If you like our designs but are not based in NCR or would rather just buy the fabrics only, this would be a great option for you and your employees. For Embroidery Services, we can embroider your shirts, masks, jackets, scarves, etc. Just send us an email at info@peridou.com for a quote.

Q5. How much are your uniforms?

Answer: Our quotation is based on your quantity, the design, and the materials chosen. You may initially get a standard quotation, but prices are subject to change based on the final design, fabrics approved, and your quantity.

Q6. How long will additional orders take to produce?

Answer: It depends on the volume/quantity of the order. If the additional order quantity is less than the original order, our standard lead time is 45 working days on a first come first serve basis.

Q8. What type of fabrics do you offer?

Answer: We have been developing our exclusive line of textiles and accessories with our sister company, Ceratex, since 2017. We have over 100 different types of fabrics and 600 colors to choose from. These are all corporate apparel textiles, are wash and wear, durable, and many are made with special yarns that give a three dimensional effect.

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Our Facilities

Our main office is located less than five minutes away from Fisher Mall along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. It’s a multi storey building that has an entire floor dedicated to our own exclusive collection of textiles. We also have two 12-head embroidery machines, a 4-head embroidery machine, a prototyping and sample room, a large warehouse, and cutting, sewing and production areas within the building. We have a satellite office located just 15 minutes from our main office that has the same production capabilities and staff dormitories.

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Corporate Apparel

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Design your own fabrics, or choose from our exclusive line.

Since 2018, our clients can select well over 100 different kinds of fabrics that have been developed exclusively for Peridou by our sister company, Ceratex. This means that you will be wearing fabrics that are new to the Philippine market, and have not been heavily used by other organisations in the past. These fabrics are durable, many are reversible, and the factories that Ceratex works with have high safety standards that employ non-toxic dyeing chemicals and methods, unlike other fabrics available in Divisoria.

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